Will Tesla Fix the Info Screen? What year was it made!

The Tesla info screen controls the majority of options in your car. But what happens if the screen is blank or broken? Let’s look at whether Tesla will fix it for you. Read on to find out what to do about this problem.

Tesla will fix your infotainment screen if your car is Pre-2018, or within warranty and the damage or fault is not self-inflicted.

In this article, we’ll look at how to fix the infotainment screen and the reasons why it has failed you.

Tesla Pre 2018 Screen Fix

The Model S and Model X, pre-2018, were fitted with an eMMC (embedded Multi Media Card) with a memory storage of 8GB. This was expected to last 5-6 years but with the increase in updates and technology, it was soon apparent that this chip was not up to the job.

The screen was failing, going black while driving, or just not booting up on startup.

Tesla initially offered the upgrade at a cost but in June 2020, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) insisted that this become a Tesla recall safety issue and that all Teslas from 2012-2018 that had the 8GB installed needed to be upgraded free of charge.

Rebooting of the screen does not rectify the issue. Many items remain unavailable but the car is actually still driveable.

Depending on which software version you are running (pre2020.48.12), you will not have access to the rearview camera, windshield demisting, defrosting, autopilot, lane change, and most importantly your range level.

Software released after this version allows most of the above items to remain but always consider your driver’s safety before taking a journey.

The recall will install the latest software and also upgrade the chip to a 64GB NVIDIA Tegra processor which has the capability of running the latest software and will last into the future with higher technology and more memory required.

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Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Tesla Screen?

Although the recall was back in 2020, there are still only approximately 88% of Teslas that have been upgraded. That number seems pretty high, but a recall should cover all vehicles.

You may have only discovered the glitchy screen recently if you have bought a used Tesla or if your Tesla is not your main car.

Either way, you should upgrade your Tesla to the latest software.

In the meantime, the latest software will monitor your eMMC, and if there is a problem your screen will show a notification – ‘Center Display Storage Device Degraded’. When or if this happens, you need to contact the Tesla Service Center, give the notification status, and book an appointment for an eMMC upgrade.

I Previously Paid for the eMMC Upgrade

If you have already paid for the upgrade to the 64GB then you are possibly in line for a reimbursement. Tesla has said they have contacted anyone who had previously paid but if you haven’t received any correspondence from them then it’s worth reaching out. Sometimes errors occur and people get missed.

Other Tesla Screen Problems Under Warranty

Your screen is covered under warranty for 2 years or 25,000 miles. This was previously double, 4 years or 50,000 miles, so check any documentation you have, carefully, that relates to your warranty.

The warranty will cover any glitches that you have in your screen and or any physical fault that may occur with your screen. This could be the screen not sitting correctly or coming away from the mount. Mainly people are just concerned with the Black Screen of Death but if your screen is doing things it’s not supposed to be then contact Tesla about it.

A screen repair only takes about 30 minutes but it does usually have to be booked into a Service Center and is not available for a Mobile Technician to fix, but not always the case.

Cracked or Broken Tesla Screen

A cracked or broken screen is not covered under warranty as it is a personal issue. Your screen is not going to just crack by itself. It can still be repaired but you will bear the full brunt of the cost of replacement. The labor costs are quite low at about $60 – $80, as it only takes about 30 minutes but the parts can be as much as $1400.

You can still drive your Tesla with a cracked screen but as mentioned above some of the items may not be available if the screen is very badly damaged, or indeed totally black.

How to Fix a Black Screen

Your Tesla screen could be black or not working for other reasons and can be fixed without a trip to the Tesla Service Center. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Too Many Apps Running
  • Software Update
  • Screen Overheating
  • Screen Overloading

Too Many Apps Running

Tesla screens allow apps on your phone to connect in the car. Your app must be connected to your car for it to run properly. This can be the main reason why your screen is glitching. It’s trying to connect to the app and failing because it can’t find the source.

If your app is not running correctly on your phone then it won’t run properly in your Tesla.

The best solution is to log out and back in again on your phone and then do the same in your Tesla. If this doesn’t work check for any app updates and try reinstalling it on your phone.

Software Update

Your Tesla might require a software update. Although many of the updates happen automatically, some older models sometimes need a push.

A yellow notification will give you the heads-up that a software update is available.

  • Select Update from the Menu

Your car must be connected for all OTA (Over the Air) updates so if your Tesla was disconnected for any reason or length of time this could be why you missed the update and why your screen is now glitching.

Overheating Screen

Your Tesla screen is in essence a large tablet. Like any tablet, phone, or laptop if they get too hot they can freeze or act peculiar.

The best fix for this is to let it cool down for a time or do a Soft Reboot. A soft reboot will restore your screen to normal without losing any information.

To do a Soft Reboot (Reset) follow below:

  • Shift into Park
  • Remove any devices
  • Hold both scroll wheels on the steering wheel for 10-15 seconds
  • The touchscreen turns black
  • Tesla Logo reappears
  • Everything will once again be available

If your screen dies whilst driving, you can perform a soft reboot but it’s always better to pull over and give it your full attention.

Overloaded Screen

An overloaded system can also cause your screen to shut down. A bit like an overheated screen. If you have given a whole string of commands your system can sometimes just say, ‘Nope! Sorry!’ and shut down. This is especially true of older models with older processors. The best solution for a frozen screen is a Hard Reset.

  • Put your Tesla in Park
  • Remove any auxiliary items plugged in, i.e., phones and USB drives.
  • Press and hold the Brake
  • Hold both scroll wheels on your steering wheel for 10-15 seconds
  • The touchscreen will go black
  • Tesla Logo will appear
  • When everything is back fully, your car should be working without issue.

Last Screen Option Before Calling Tesla

Calling the Tesla Service Center is always worth the time but sometimes the appointment time might be way in the future and you want action right now. If you have tried a Hard and Soft Reset but have had no joy you can Reset your car.

This is a big decision to make. A Reset will wipe all your data including profiles. It is usually only recommended to reset your Tesla if you are selling your car, but if you think that the screen problems are increasingly worse then it is worth a try. But beware!

To do a complete reset, follow the steps below:

  • Select Service Menu
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Enter Tesla Details
  • Select Confirm
  • Your Sat Nav and Tires will need the drive to reset
  • You will have to re-add your Phone Keys and Restore your Profile

This as I say is an absolute last resort. Try persuading the Tesla Service Center that you need a quicker appointment or ask them if they have any suggestions in the meantime to get you back up and running.

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