Hidden Secrets of Your Tesla

Driving a Tesla is a special experience. It is a luxury brand with every model built with the very latest technology. But sometimes when you take delivery of your new car, the sales guy doesn’t always show you all the things you need to know. Here’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll look at the hidden or unknown features that you need to know!

Open Frunk Through Tow Cover

Every Tesla has two batteries. A high voltage battery but also a 12V battery. The 12V controls all the auxiliary items in your car such as windows, media, locking, and unlocking. If the 12V is flat then you can’t open the frunk, which also means you can’t boost the 12V. But Tesla thinks of everything! Behind the tow cover (front bumper) are two charging contacts. One black, one red. Attaching these two cables to a booster pack will pop your frunk open and give you access to the 12V. Genius!

Supercharger Won’t Unlock if Car is Locked

If the Supercharger you’re connected to won’t release the cable, it could be that your car is locked. A SUpercharger or a Destination Charger is different from your home charger. They need to be completely safe and secure.

If the car is locked, it is secure but also no one can unplug the cable. You don’t want to return to your car thinking you’ve been charging only to find it has been disconnected.

To release the cable, unlock the car, press and hold the button on the handle. There are other reasons why it won’t be released. I’ve covered them in an article, Tesla Supercharger Won’t Unlock.

Track Your Tesla if it’s Stolen

No one wants to realize their car has been stolen. What a nightmare, right? However, as a Tesla owner, you’re at an advantage as you can actually track your car down.

Do of course call the police and don’t be a hero but logging into your Tesla App can pinpoint where the would-be thieves have taken your car to.

Checking the GPS on your app will show you where your Tesla is, whether it’s moving, and whether doors are open or closed. Sharing this information with the police will lead them straight to the perps!

Set Trunk Height to Match Your Garage

An open trunk can be a problem if you’re short on height or space in your garage. But your Tesla trunk can be adjusted to any height to suit your surroundings. All you have to do is calibrate the trunk button.

  • Open the trunk
  • Manually adjust to the required height
  • Press and hold the trunk button for 3+ seconds (located on the underside of the trunk – Open Trunk Icon)
  • You will hear a confirmation beep
  • Close the trunk
  • Reopen will be at the new height

As a side note, Elon introduced this feature because customers with a disability were having difficulties reaching the trunk door when it opened.

Hidden Pull Tab for Stuck Charging Cable

Releasing the charging cable can sometimes prove difficult.

Usual methods are:

  • Press the charge handle release button, release onscreen, or release through the app.

If none of these methods work, you can press and hold the trunk icon on the key fob.

If this doesn’t work (or you may not have a fob with you) there is an emergency option.

There is a pull tab release in the trunk.

  • Charging must be stopped
  • Open the trunk
  • Pull the release cable downwards
    • (Located on the left-hand side, behind the trim – can either be a rubber grommet or white or black fabric pull tab)
  • Remove the charging cable from the connection.

Don’t do both actions simultaneously, as doing so can lead to electric shock.

Tap Battery % to Switch to Range

The choice to display battery % or range distance is a personal choice.

It can be set up in the Display function – Energy Display – Select Percentage or Distance.

But if you’re driving and want a quick preview you can tap the % amount at the top of your screen and it will change to distance. Tapping the battery icon won’t change it, it has to be either the % or the miles number. Good to know.

Drive Your Tesla Without a Key

Did you know you can drive your Tesla without a key? Most modern cars now have keyless entry (Passive Entry). But usually, you must have the key on you somewhere. Tesla has taken this to the next level where your phone becomes your key. You must have the Tesla App installed and also must have connectivity.

You can select the Keys Icon in the app and it will unlock the car and allow you to drive as normal. Make sure you have enough bars on your phone and the network coverage is strong.

Sun Visor Hidden Extension

No one wants the sun in their eyes while driving. The visor has a magnetized extension on the bottom that can be folded away, but sometimes the sun is to the right or left and you need to pivot the visor to the driver or passenger window.

The visor is not quite long enough to cover the window so Tesla has included an interior bar that gives extra length to the visor.

Pivot the visor and gently pull it towards you. This will expose the bar and give you an extra 3-4 inches in length.