Why is my Audi e-tron screen not working? Easy Fix below!

The Black (or Blue) screen of death is an e-tron disaster. You’re driving along, or worse just about to go somewhere and you have no access to the screen. Don’t panic, it’s a quick fix. Read on to find out what to do.

To fix the Audi e-tron blank screen, try a soft reboot; disconnect and reconnect your phone; or check for a software update.

In the article, we’ll look at why the screen is not responding and how to get it working again.

Audi e-tron MMI Screen Reboot

The e-tron screen is known to go blue or black. This can come as quite a shock if you’re driving along. It doesn’t affect the car’s driving ability but the screen options will no longer be visible.

The quickest way to get the screen back running is to do a reboot. A reboot can be done while driving but it’s always best to pull over to a safe place and give it your full attention.

To do a soft reset:

  • Press and hold the Volume Knob for up to 10 seconds

This will reboot the MMI and hopefully solve your problem. The problem may reoccur and if it does you more than likely need a software update. We’ll look at that now.

e-tron Software Update

Your MMI and a lot of your e-tron are software and computer-based. Like all computers, from time to time they need to be updated. As of writing this article (Jul 23) Audi has not yet introduced OTA (Over the Air) updates – but has promised this will be available in the future. Any updates need to be activated in the Settings or will show as a Notification onscreen.

Why Do Software Updates Occur?

Audi is constantly improving the software in your e-tron and ironing out any bugs or glitches that creep in. It’s important to keep up to date with all software releases to ensure all safety aspects are secure and continue to be bug-free driving.

Activating a Software Update

To begin your MMI must be connected to the internet through Audi Connect. A notification appearing in the upper display can be activated by pressing on it (or opening the notification center.) Follow the onscreen instructions.

The installation will begin and it can take some time depending on the size of the update.

An additional notification will display once the update has been completed, which will confirm the successful update or that an error has occurred.

If there aren’t any notifications visible, but you feel that your system is a bit glitchy or lagging then you can check the system to see if one is available. To do this:

  • Select Settings
  • System Maintenance
  • Software Update
  • Search for Updates

If there aren’t any available then your glitch is being caused by something else. We discuss this further in the article.

If there is an update available:

  • Select the Update
  • Select Continue
  • and follow the onscreen instructions

Once downloaded you can then follow the installation instructions. Don’t switch the ignition on during the installation as this can cause problems.

If an update won’t start, confirm that the MMI is connected to the internet. Try exiting the car, and locking the car to encourage the installation to begin.

Update Error

If the update begins and then stalls, this is a bigger problem. The error message will read

‘Online System Update: Incomplete. Warning! Vehicle Functions Limited.’

If this message appears, you must contact Audi Service without delay. Ignoring the message can lead to certain safety functions being unavailable.

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CarPlay Phone Issues

Your phone connection could also be causing the MMI to glitch or lag. Your MMI might be trying to make a connection to your phone and is failing. The best solution for this is to disconnect your phone and then reconnect it.

Owners online have said that this is more of an iPhone issue rather than an Android problem.

To disconnect or delete your device

  • Navigate to the Telephone menu
  • Select Connection Manager
  • Select Phone Option
  • Select your phone
  • Push the control knob to show device information
  • Delete Bluetooth device

To connect your device

Your device can either be connected using a USB or wirelessly.

  • Your e-tron must be parked
  • The ignition must be on
  • Select Settings
  • Connected devices
  • Audi Smartphone interface
  • New devices
  • Press the refresh icon
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
    • You might have to select pairing on your iPhone

Sometimes issues and lagging occur with the MMI information screen if an update is required on your phone. Check your phone to see if any updates are available. Your phone might require a restart.

Try pairing your phone again if this is the case.

Screen Not Responding Quick Enough

If your screen is working but seems to be lagging or not as responsive as you would like, the touchscreen might be in the incorrect setting for you.

You can change the screen response time by doing the following:

  • Home Screen
  • Settings
  • MMI – Touchscreen Feed
  • Select – Low, Medium, or High

Everyone’s touch is different, select each and see which one works best for you.


If you have tried all of the above and are still having screen problems you will have to contact your nearest Audi dealer in the myAudi app.

  • Navigate to the Car Tab
  • Select the Service area of ‘Your Audi Partner’

If you have already been verified by the dealership the partner will be visible on the page. If not select ‘Search for New Audi Partner’.

You can then select one from the map or enter it in the search bar and click ‘Save Audi Partner’.

You can then contact them to discuss the problem and schedule a time that suits you best.

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