Audi e-tron Hidden Features You Need to Know!

Driving an e-tron is a special experience. It is a luxury brand with every model built to a very high spec. But sometimes when you take delivery of your new car, the sales guy doesn’t always show you all the things you need to know. Here’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll look at the hidden or unknown features that you need to know!

One Touch Massage Button

Some Audi e-tron models have the fabulous extra seat massage. Who doesn’t like a massage? But did you know that you can initiate the massage with one touch? Pressing the center of the seat controls will start the massage function.

Instant massage at the touch of a button. What could be better? Once it’s on you can adjust it further on screen if you need to. Just don’t get too relaxed!

Fold Mirrors on Lock

Folding mirrors when locking is a function that should be standard but it actually needs to be activated. It’s not very intuitive where you can find this function.

Select Settings & Service – Central Locking – Fold Mirrors

Once you have activated it on screen it will maintain that option until you decide otherwise. Now every time you lock your e-tron, your mirrors will also fold neatly away.

Indented Rectangle on Door Handle

You may or may not have noticed the indented rectangle on your door handle. But do you know its function? If you have stepped out of the car and noticed that one or more windows are open, rather than sitting back in the car, restarting, and closing the windows, this nifty little rectangle saves you the trouble.

Press and long hold the rectangle will raise all the windows and lock the car. Amazing!

Mirror Knob in Passenger Position

Audi is always thinking of driver experience. The mirror knob on the driver door is an extra driving experience function. Turning the mirror knob to passenger, and then putting the e-tron in R, will automatically tilt the passenger mirror downwards to allow a better view of the opposite side and rear of the car. This is especially useful when reversing next to a curb to save your wheels! The mirror will revert to the original position once you move to D.

Integrated Toll Module

Traveling any kind of commute regularly or long distance driving then you are going to require an Ezpass tag. But who wants to ruin the visual aspect of your e-tron with an ugly toll tag on the windshield?

Audi offers a toll road subscription so you can disregard the tag. The toll machines will recognize your car and allow you through.

You need to set this up in your settings:

  • Select Vehicle – Service and Settings
  • Scroll down to Integrated Toll Module
  • Slide Toggle On
  • Make a note of the ITM ID Number
  • Go to the listed website to Register
  • Select Audi
  • Follow the onscreen setup
  • No more tag!

Rearranging the Screen Icons

Everyone is familiar with screen icons from phones to tablets and now in our cars. But did you know you can rearrange your icons to whatever order you prefer? Simply hold and drag/ move to the new position. 

But what’s even better is you can also reorder the icons on the left-hand side of the screen. The functions that you use most frequently can now be at the top or nearest to you.

Flat Key Fob Still Works

There’s always a worry when using electronics and tech that the battery will die and you’ll be stranded. You may have these concerns about your key fob. Well fear not, because the tech inside your fob is sophisticated enough to work even when the battery is flat. 

Simply place the flat key fob in the cup holder and you can continue on your journey without issue.

But do replace that battery when you get a chance!

Headrests Move Back and Forth

Every driver is a different shape and height. And every driver has a driving position. Being comfortable in your driving position is very important to prevent driver fatigue. Most cars allow you to adjust the headrest up and down to align with neck and head height but in your Audi e-tron did you know you can also move your headrest back and forth?

Pressing the button on the side allows you to move the headrest into the most comfortable position for your height and headroom. 

However, I should note that in some e-trons (S line), the head restraint can’t be adjusted at all. The thinking behind this is that lots of customers adjust the headrest incorrectly which can cause more damage in a crash this way. Many brands are moving more towards non-adjustable headrests.

Audi seats are highly engineered with overall adjustments meeting all expectations of a luxury brand from lumbar support, to climate control to seat memory function. You’re definitely gonna be comfy!

USB C Ports Under Back Seat

No one can live without their cell phone these days. USB C connections are of greater benefit to everyone as they support reverse connection (inserted either way). This is truly special in a darkened car. The e-trons are fitted with USB C ports in the rear, located at the base of the center console. They can’t be seen from the front but are a huge addition to anyone traveling in the rear.

USB C ports are also available in pre-23 models, located under the middle rear seat. They are almost hidden and need a bit of a deep dive to locate. Many people don’t even realize they are there. I’m glad to say that they’ve moved them to the latest models.

Foot Kick to Open Trunk

Hands full of groceries or children, (or both!) and no way of opening the trunk. Your e-tron has foot-activated sensors to open the trunk. Genius! But there is a knack to it. You must have a key in your pocket or on you somewhere. Ignition must be off and you must be standing center rear of the car.

All it takes is a gentle forward and back kick motion. No side wave movements and no direct contact with the car is necessary. Voila! Open trunk.