Why Are My Tesla Windows Misaligned? Top Tips to Fix!

Tesla makes hi-tech innovation cars but sometimes the basics can come up short. Let’s look at why your windows are misaligned and how we can fix the problem.

Tesla windows are misaligned because they have been assembled incorrectly or need to be recalibrated.

In this article, we’ll look at why your Tesla windows are misaligned and how to go about correcting the problem.

Tesla Window Misalignment

One of the main causes of window misalignment is poor build quality in production. Tesla cars, although incredibly popular as an EV, are still far below the production numbers of many other brands such as VW or Toyota.

The assembly line process doesn’t run as efficiently as Mr. Musk would hope and so errors occur causing the window frame or indeed the glass to sit incorrectly.

Each window is made up of several components and just one of these sitting incorrectly can cause the whole mechanism to misalign. The pressure to complete a certain number of finished builds each day can cause instances where certain processes are rushed and in turn, it becomes the new owner that is ultimately quality control.

Machine calibration can also vary in a factory from day to day, due to temperature and user changes. What was correct yesterday may be different today, if the temperature increased by even half a degree.

The same can be said for any materials used, the glass or plastic frames can sit differently if produced in a different environment.

Tesla Window Warranty

If you have a new Tesla and your window alignment is off you should contact Tesla Service Center through the Tesla App immediately. They will more than likely suggest that you calibrate your windows to correct the problem.

You can follow these instructions to calibrate the window:

  • Close the affected window’s door
  • Sit into the driver’s seat and close the door
  • Raise the affected window using the switch on the driver’s door
  • Keep holding until it stops
  • Lower the window with the driver’s switch until it stops
  • Raise until it stops

The window should now be calibrated and aligned and open and close fully.

If this process hasn’t corrected the issue then your Tesla will have to be looked over by a Tesla technician. You will need to contact the Tesla Service Center again and advise that the suggested calibration did not work. They will either schedule you for an onsite appointment or they will send a Mobile Technician to your preferred location.

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What Could Be Causing the Window Misalignment?

Other reasons could cause the window misalignment such as:

  • Wear and tear
  • Impact or an accident
  • Owner error operation
  • Obstruction in the frame

Window Wear and Tear

Like all mechanisms, when your Tesla window gets some age behind it, it can start to fail. Tesla’s don’t come with a lifetime parts guarantee but rather a 4-year or 50,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

So great news if your TEsla falls into one of these categories but if not you’ll have to pay for the repair.

The wear and tear problem is usually that the window regulator has failed. The regulator is what powers the motor to move the glass up and down. If this is not working correctly this will cause the glass to misalign.

The regulator is made up of several different components: switch, motor, cable mechanism, track assembly, and regulator arms. Any one component failing can cause the window to misalign.

If the switch (electrical component) is failing intermittently, then the fuse can fail. If the fuse blows the window will no longer go up or down. A blown fuse is only drawing your attention to a bigger problem.

You can replace the window fuse by first locating it on the board. Window fuses are located in the internal fuse box in the car, not in the frunk. Most fuse boxes will have a list of fuses that relate to within. Tesla sometimes moves things around from Model to Model and Build to Build, so before you remove any, be certain that it is the correct one. See below for some fuse numbers for Model X and S:

Model S & X (2016 – 20..)Model S & X (2013 – 2016)
F201 – Left Rear Window28 – Right Rear Window
F204 – Rear Front Window30 – Rear Front Window
F205 – Left Front Window37 – Left Rear Window
F211 – Rear Right Window39 – Left Front Window
Window Fuse Number

Frame and Seals

The frame is made up of seals and rubber tracks. Again if your Tesla ages these seals can start to break down and the glass no longer rides smoothly on one or both sides of the tracks.

The seals can be replaced but will incur a cost if you are outside of the warranty. It’s generally not a job you can take on yourself as specialized tools are required. If not fixed correctly it can lead to a leaking window which will lead to further damage to the interior.

Impact or Accident on Your Tesla

Window misalignment can also occur if your Tesla has been in any kind of impact or crash. Even if the window in question wasn’t in direct line with the impact, the frame can still be damaged. An impact will display specific problems with your window such as:

  • Window gaps
  • Not fully opening or closing
  • Uneven closing
  • Leaking

Window Gaps

Any gap between the frame and the glass when fully closed is a sign of misalignment from an impact. The glass has moved away from the tracking arms and will need a professional or Tesla Service Technician to correct this.

Not Fully Opening or Closing

Again if you notice that the window doesn’t fully open or close post-impact you can try recalibrating it. If this doesn’t correct the problem you will have to contact Tesla Service Center and they will realign it for you.

Uneven Closing

If the window closes unevenly or more quickly on one edge over the other then this is also misalignment due to impact damage.

Leaking Window

You may not realize that your window is misaligned through impact until you spot a leak. The leak might only be slight but any kind of water ingress is a problem and needs to be dealt with.

The glass may have shifted in the frame or the seals and will need to be corrected by a professional.

Handling the Glass

Misalignment can be caused by mishandling of any of the windows. Every part of your Tesla has been highly engineered and calibrated. Resting or leaning on the frameless window design can result in damage to the mechanism.

Discourage anyone who is inclined to do this as your mechanism may need more than recalibrating as the pressure could bend or damage the internal tracking arms.

Obstruction in the Frame

Several situations can obstruct your window. These include:

  • Debris
  • Corrosion

Debris in your Window

Debris can get caught in the window guides or within the seals of the frame. This can be anything from dirt, leaves, tree sap, or items inserted by children or by accident, such as coins (at a toll booth!) Anything that’s not part of your window mechanism will stop your window functioning properly.

Corrosion in your Window

Corrosion can cause problems with your window operation. Corrosion can appear in the frame as rust or in the seals. You can temporarily remove any loose pieces with a soft cloth or brush but when this type of deterioration begins the only answer is to replace the seals or corroded components. This can mean the entire door. Failure to do so can result in the long-term effects of window mechanism failure but in the short term of damaged or scratched glass.

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