iD4 Won’t Stop Beeping – Do this to keep your sanity!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a beeping in your car. I’ve been a mechanic for 25 years. Read on, and I’ll tell you why your car is beeping.

The most common reasons your iD4 is beeping include:

  • The door or trunk is open
  • Problem with the proximity sensor
  • A software update is needed

In this article, we’ll examine why the VW iD4 is beeping, how to diagnose it, and how to fix it.

Infographic  - iD4 won't stop beeping

Door or Trunk is Open

The most common reason that your iD4 is beeping is that something is not fully closed. Be it a door or the trunk.

There should be a dash notification. You’ll need to check all doors to ensure they are fully closed.

Stop the car (if you are moving) and Shift to Park. Do a walk around to see if any of the doors are visibly open. If they are, firmly close them. This can often be an item of clothing or some form of trash caught in the trunk mechanism.

If you have checked all openings, found nothing, securely closed all the doors, and you still have a beeping, you may have an onboard sensor giving trouble.

Contact your local VW Service Center and explain the issue. Book it in for a check. It might just need a Software Update. (More on this later)

Problem with the Proximity Sensor

In nearly all modern-day cars, your iD4 included having exterior sensors fitted to make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.

They range from cameras to radar sensors. Cameras allow you to physically see what’s behind your car via the infotainment screen. I have one in my recently purchased new car. I find it a fantastic asset, but not one I’m fully happy using yet. This is just because I’m not used to it because it can see where I can’t.

The radars are for lane assist and for blind spots where the car sends out waves that bounce back if an object is sensed in proximity.

If something is too close, the sensors will beep. But why is it beeping when you’re not near anything? There are two possible reasons:

  1. Dirt or Ice/Snow
  2. Fault

Dirt or Ice/ Snow on the Sensor

It’s always good to keep your iD4 as clean as possible, even more so when cars have external parking sensors.

If there is dirt build-up on the sensors, you won’t be able to use them, but also they may beep incessantly. The same can be said for Ice and Snow. More so, snow as it is opaque and will completely obscure the camera but also leads the computer sensors to believe there’s something in direct proximity to the car.

During extreme weather conditions, washing your car may not be possible. But this won’t stop you from filling a basin with water. Make sure you choose a soft microfibre cloth and detergent specifically designed for auto care. Household detergent is too harsh for your car’s paintwork.

Gently clean over the cameras at the rear. The camera is located in the center of the trunk door, above the license plate, which you would ordinarily grab if you were to open the trunk physically.

Don’t rub too hard; you don’t want to scratch the paintwork.

The radar sensors are small round disks, about the size of a dime, and are located at the front and rear of the car on the bumpers. Again use a gentle detergent and microfibre cloth if there’s a lot of dirt, and change out your water a few times.

If the sensor is beeping because of snow, you can remove your snow brush and gently spray it with De-Icer to keep it clear.

Fault in a Sensor

If you have cleaned your iD4 and checked all around your exterior, and nothing appears to be in proximity, but your dash tells you differently, then there’s more likely to be a fault in one of the sensors. You will have to call VW Service Center to make an appointment. You can tell them you have checked over the car, and nothing is obscuring the cameras or sensors.

Alternatively, you can check for a software update. We’ll discuss this next.

Software Update is Needed

Towards the end of 2021, VW introduced OTA (over-the-air) updates for all its iD models. This is a fantastic move forward, as you can now do all updates within your car. Previously you had to download it to a chip or flash drive and then upload it to your car’s system.

If you are having error readings or your iD4 is beeping for reasons you can’t explain, it could mean that an update is available and needs to be installed.

You should receive an email, but if not, when you start your car, you’ll see that your dash is full of warning lights, telling you that items are not available such as Lane Assist and Sign Post Reading, temporarily suspended.

When you look at the Infotainment screen, there will be an extra line at the top that is not ordinarily visible. It says ‘Update Available.’ The update won’t start until you confirm it and won’t initiate while driving.

The car must not be running, and you must leave and lock the car while the update is installed.

You can check out the updated information in:

  • Settings
  • System Information

It will tell you the available update and the time it will take – this can be anything up to 3-4 hours. You must agree on the license agreement and leave and lock your car. Your car must charge at least 50% before initiating an update.

Updates are sometimes broken into two parts. Part two might not become available for several weeks, but hopefully, as time goes by, these will become a single update or closer together in time.

It takes up to 10 minutes for the update to begin. You can check on your car, it will show you a progress bar, but you won’t be able to start your car or drive it until the update is complete.

When it’s complete, you can start your car as normal. You will be asked to select ok to finish/ complete the update.

All the error codes on your dash and screen will hopefully be gone, and there will be no more beeping.

It’s very important to keep your iD4 software up to date. Updates are almost always about fixing bugs and glitches and intermittently about a complete overhaul. You may not even be able to pinpoint what has changed in your system.

I’ve covered a few of the other common iD4 issues which you hopefully won’t experience, but if you do, we have you covered with these posts:

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