iD4 Not Connecting – Top tips to reconnect!

Modern-day cars are so much more than just driving. When your iD4 doesn’t connect, it leaves you at a disadvantage. Read on to find out why your iD4 is not connecting.

Top reasons your VW iD4 is not connecting include the following:

  • No data connection is available
  • Software issue
  • Faulty fuse

In this article, we’ll examine why your iD4 is not connecting and how to fix the problem.


No Data Connection is Available

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by technology. Most of this technology is connected to WiFi in some shape or form. Your iD4 is no different.

But if your iD4 won’t connect, what consequences does that have for your driving experience? No data connection won’t prevent you from selecting Drive or Reverse, but you can’t live without a data connection as many options, such as remote start, won’t be available.

The first thing to try to get it back connected is the ‘Windows’ option. Power everything Off. Wait a few minutes, and then Power everything ‘On.’

Your iD4 only connects if a Globe icon appears at the top of the info screen.

The information on your screen when you start it is:

‘Loading Connection Status.’ If there is a problem, it will flash ‘Unable to Load.’

And the only option available is to Select ‘Ok.’

There are a couple of reasons why the data connection has dropped; the following are tips on how to get you connected:

  • Free hotspots are no longer available
  • SIM issue
  • Dongle issue

The data connection in your iD4 uses one of the above to connect your car.

Free hotspots are no longer available

When you first purchase your iD4, your car is issued with a free hotspot connection. But this service is limited to a certain amount of time (usually a month), and after this time elapses, you must sign up for a subscription or choose an alternative connection.

This is an option through your VW dealership, but using the hotspot on your Smart Phone is easier.

However, this depends on the type of smartphone plan you have. If you have an unlimited data allowance plan, this is definitely worth choosing, but if your data usage is capped at a certain amount each month, you’ll always be watching your usage.

Connecting your iD4 to a Hotspot

To set up a hotspot, it first needs to be activated.

  • Activate the hotspot on your device
  • On the infotainment screen
    • Select Home – Settings (cog icon) – WiFi
    • Select WiFi Search
    • Select WLAN
    • Select the one you have activated
    • Add the password on the device
    • Confirm with OK

SIM Issue

If you are using a SIM card and find your connection is down, it’s a good idea to reactivate the SIM. This is done through the infotainment screen.

  • Insert the SIM card in the SIM slot (you must have a Business Telephone Interface)
  • A wizard will then activate
  • Select whether you wish to have
    • Data only or Calls too
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select Connect

Once the SIM is reinstalled, try doing a reboot of the system. This is a step beyond the Power On and Off. To do this:

  • Press and Hold the Power button
  • The screen will then reboot, and the SIM will hopefully reconnect.

Dongle Issue

Instead of a SIM connection, you might have chosen a Dongle Setup instead. This is the same principle as a SIM card, except it is contained in a Dongle (which looks similar to a flash drive). The Dongle is located in the USB connection.

  • Select Home
  • Insert the SIM in the interface
  • Select Network Settings
  • Enter the SIM pin (usually four digits)
  • Select Connect

Once again, remove the Dongle and check that the SIM is correctly inserted inside. Check that the connection port is clean and free from dust.

Never stick anything sharp into the port. Suppose it needs a clean use of a soft-haired brush. Even a cotton bud may be too hard and could damage the port.

Software Issue

Your iD4 is, in essence, a high-tech computer. VW constantly tries to improve and update the driver experience and the system, but these updates don’t always go to plan.

Many iD4 owners have reported connection problems, and then the connection problem seems to correct itself. VW don’t always come out and say that an error has occurred and that they are working on it. But if it is a software problem, you can be sure that you’re not the only one experiencing the issue, and the keyboard warriors will be out in force.

The solutions are:

  • Try a reboot
  • Or wait it out for a couple of days to see does it correct itself

Connection issues will not intrude on your driving but will irritate you as certain options are unavailable.

The solution can often be to connect with your phone hotspot and check for any updates available or that might be pending.

VW software releases are sent regularly, and it’s only after that they realize that there is a bug or error and an extra patch has to be sent through. Most people don’t even realize that a problem has ever occurred.

Faulty Fuse

The fuses in the iD4 are located in a couple of places. If you are uncomfortable with changing a fuse in your iD4, then book an appointment with your dealership to have them look at your connection problems.

There are two fuse board locations in the iD4, under the hood and internally on the left-hand side in the dash panel (for left-hand drive vehicles) and within the glove box (for right-hand drive vehicles). The fuse you are searching for is Fuse 19, which is located in the internal fuse box. (Each fuse box contains a fuse 19, so ensure you pull the correct one).

The fuse puller is located in the Fuse box under the hood.

  • Open the hood
  • Remove the fuse cover (it can be quite difficult to budge)
  • Remove the pullers (usually white)
  • Remove the fuse cover internally on the dash or in the glove box
  • Before you remove the Fuse, 19
    • Make sure the car is powered off
    • Do NOT sit in the driver’s seat, as this will activate the car
  • Remove the Fuse 19
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes
  • Reinsert the Fuse 19
  • Replace the fuse box cover
  • Don’t forget to put the fuse puller back under the hood

There are conflicting reports as to whether this will fix your connection issues. But if you are happy enough to try and follow the step-by-step, it’s always worth having a go.

If none of the above have helped in any way, then unfortunately, a trip to your VW dealership for a check-up is called for.

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