Is It Worth Getting White Tesla Seats? Not for everyone!

Tesla cars come with white vegan leather seats as an extra. They look amazing, but are they worth the extra cost? Read on to find out.

White Tesla seats come at an additional cost. They require extra maintenance and may not suit everyone’s lifestyle; pet owners, owners with young children, or vapers.

In this article, we’ll look at how to protect Tesla white seats and what to avoid having them in your car.


Tesla White Seats

Tesla white seats are something to behold. The black and white interior gives a real eye pop and is the envy of all who ride in her. But the sumptuous white vegan leather is not a standard, and you do have to ask, is it worth the extra cash dollars? Model 3 and Model Y is an extra $1000, and Model X and Model S is an extra $2000. (Aug 22).

Tesla White Seats

In the grand scheme of things, if you are paying $48,000 for a Model 3 or up to $140,000 for a Model X, will an extra couple of thousand dollars break the deal? I think probably not. When we talk about worth, we’re not always talking about monetary value.

But let’s quickly look at why it might be an extra $1000 – $2000 for white seats. Is it just a gimmick, a chance for Mr. Musk to make a quick buck? The answer is probably no. The seats in most Tesla Models are made from ‘vegan’ leather. In other words, faux leather – no animal lost their lives.

In 2019, Mr. Musk promised to remove all animal-derived products from his cars. And he has followed through on that. His ‘vegan’ leather – which is a slight oxymoron, as the term leather means ‘material made from the skin of an animal – is made from plastic and plant extracts. Although certainly kinder to our animals, not 100% kinder to our planet.

So how is white more expensive? Well, if you choose the white vegan interior, not only are you saving an animal, but you are also getting a better seat.

According to Tesla owners, the white seats are much more comfortable than the standard. The extra cost is not just for the kudos of having the white but also for the posterior luxury for your bum and back.

Does Your Lifestyle Suit White?

White seats are not going to suit everyone. The white might look amazing and the envy of all, but they’re not much good if they’re only going to be white for the first weekend.

Do You Own a Dog?

We all love our pets. They’re part of the family. But dogs (of any size) and white Tesla seats don’t mix.

No matter how clean you think your dog is, they have natural oils in their fur and hair that will discolor and possibly even bubble your seats. If your dog only travels with you in a dog carrier, then there is the possibility your seats will go the distance but is the extra cost worth the stress?

There’s also the risk of their nails damaging the seats, which would happen regardless of the color but will be more noticeable on the white.

Do You Have Small Children?

We love our children! Mine are now teenage adults, but when they were smaller, they were constantly covered in food! It was as though our chairs were alive with yogurt! And leather (or faux leather) was definitely the way to go. Wipe clean and start again. But when you’re dealing with children, you’re not just dealing with out-of-control food but also crayons, sharpies, and playdoh/slime in the mix.

None of which is organic and easy to remove.

Who has the time to be cleaning out the car after every journey? I know I definitely didn’t have the time. If there is a spillage or, worse, a marker/crayon disaster, it must be dealt with immediately. Saying that they won’t be allowed to have food or anything that stains in the car is impractical.

Fake Tan and SunScreen

To me, fake tan is the worst invention of modern times! (I know!) Yes, it makes you look fabulous, but it gets everywhere and, more often than not, doesn’t wash out. It is, after all, a dye. Fake tan and Ultra White Tesla Seats are a definite no-no!

You can compromise by throwing a towel down or buying seat covers, but what is the point? That totally defeats the purpose of your amazing white seats.

Sunscreen, on the other hand, is a total necessity. If you live somewhere very hot, then sunscreen is part of your daily routine. Some creams don’t absorb into material, but many leave a yellow or off-white stain when they dry. Again, it’s not something you will be able to remove.

Do You Vape?

Vaping is a funny one. The released oils and ‘vapor’ don’t react well with the Tesla seats. It can cause discoloration and can also lead to the breakdown of the actual leather, causing it to bubble and blister. Tesla won’t cover blistering seats under warranty replacement of headrests, or seats can cost many dollars. Something to think about is if you regularly vape in your car.

How to Maintain Your White Seats?

If you decide to take the plunge, and I must admit, they look amazing; you will have to employ a little extra maintenance to keep them pristine.

If you’re buying new, I recommend getting the dealership to treat the seats for you. This is an extra coating (Teflon) that is used to prolong the life of your seats.

It’s not going to be the magic solution. You’ll still have to wipe up any spills, especially if they are heavy-duty. Elon was asked how stain resistant the white seats and he replied (Dec 2018) that even red wine could be removed with some kitchen paper.

Some Tesla owners accepted the challenge, and it did wipe clean, but they’re braver than I am!

When cleaning or wiping your seats, Tesla is quite specific about what to use and what not to use.

Anything that is alcohol, citrus, or bleach-based should be avoided at all costs. These will discolor or even damage your seats.

The best way to wipe your seats clean is with non-scented baby wipes. These are mainly just water-based and won’t damage your seats.

If you need to clean thoroughly, then a non-scented mild soap and a lint-free cloth are most suitable. Avoid any kind of dish soap or detergent, and even the interior car cleaners can be too harsh for ultra-white seats.

Positives of the White Seats

So we’ve only discussed the reasons why you should avoid the white Tesla seats. There are also benefits to choosing them.

If you live in a warm climate, the white seats are heat resistant and will be lovely and cool on a hot day. It’s never advised to leave your Tesla in direct sunlight, as this can cause bubbling in the seats.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a car with dark seats (especially leather) on a hot day, only to burn the back of your legs!

As I mentioned, the white seats are more comfortable than the standard seats, with extra cushioning for a more luxurious feel. They do require an extra bit of love and care, but you will definitely be the envy of all your friend.

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