How to Open the Taycan Frunk – Comfort Opening is Best!

The Porsche Taycan is the up-and-coming EV sports car. High power and high tech, even when opening the frunk. Let’s take a look at how it works and how to get the best from your onboard setup.

The best ways to open the Taycan frunk are:

  • Using the comfort sensor
  • Using the key fob

In this article, we’ll show you how to open the frunk and also how to gain access if your 12V lithium-ion battery is dead.


Opening the Frunk with the Comfort Sensor

The best way to open the Taycan frunk is with the comfort sensor opening. We all have busy lives, and more often than not, our hands are full of laptop bags, jackets, and any amount of different items.

Passive entry opening of the frunk and trunk is the ultimate answer to this problem.

Porsche being Porsche, has taken this one step further. With the glide of a hand, you can now open your frunk, even if something is in your hand. Simply hover the back of your hand along the seam, and the frunk will open. (I would like to point out not to get any rings too close to the paintwork for fear of scratching).

There are certain conditions for this to work properly. You must have the fob either on your person or near the front of the car. But firstly, Comfort Opening must be activated on your PCM (Porsche Communication Management). Let’s look at how we set that up.

On the screen:

  • Select Settings
  • Select Vehicle
  • Select Vehicle Locking Systems
    • Scroll to Trunk Lid Comfort Opening
    • Check the box

This comfort Opening is now available for both the frunk and the trunk. On a side note, to open the frunk you simply put your foot under the rear of the car. However, the opening will only happen when your foot is under the letter ‘C’ of the Porsche emblem. And the same to close it. Again the fob needs to be on your person somewhere.

Opening the Frunk with the Key Fob

The frunk of your Taycan can also be opened with your Key Fob. You press the fob section with the frunk icon, and the frunk will open.

If you find that the key fob is no longer reacting to this, then the key fob battery is most likely flat and needs to be replaced.

There will be a message on your dash, and the Porsche logo on your key fob will no longer illuminate when you use it.

Changing the Porsche Taycan Key Fob Battery

To replace the key fob battery, you must remove the mechanical key.

  • Press the button on the underside of the fob (opposite end to the Porsche Logo)
  • Remove the mechanical key.
  • Remove the two outer sides of the fob (lengthways)
    • The battery cover should now be visible
  • Turn the cover anticlockwise and lift it off
  • Remove the battery
  • Insert the new battery (CR 2032 – widely available in stores and online)
  • Replace the battery cover – turning clockwise to secure
  • Reinsert the mechanical key
  • Replace the outer casing

Opening the Taycan with a Flat Key Fob

If you find that your fob is flat and you have no access to a replacement battery, you can still access your car and drive. Access by doing the following:

  • Place the key fob at the top right rear window
  • Press the unlock icon on the fob
  • Taycan will read the internal chip and open the car

Flat 12V Lithium Ion Battery

You might have problems opening your frunk if the 12V Lithium Ion battery is flat in your Taycan. All EVs have two batteries, the main high-voltage battery to power the car and an additional 12V battery that powers all the auxiliary items such as locks, windows, media, etc.

Most EVs use the traditional 12V lead acid battery found in all ICE vehicles. This is because they are cheaper to produce than Li-Ion. However, some brands, including Porsche, have opted for the new Li-Ion 12V battery.

This is a much lighter weight than lead acid, which is important in producing an EV, where the high voltage battery weight is enormous, especially in the high-powered Taycan. After all, it is a sports car designed to move quickly. So the less weight, the more aerodynamic it can be.

If your 12V is dead, then the frunk will not open. If your car is locked, you must either use the mechanical key or place the fob on the rear top right-hand window to open the door.

If using the mechanical key:

  • Turn the fob over
  • Press the button at the opposite end of the Porsche logo
  • Slide the key out

But where is the keyhole? For aesthetics, the keyhole on your Taycan is hidden on the driver’s door.

  • Pull the handle towards you
  • Behind it, there is a keyhole
  • Insert the mechanical key (round edge upwards)
  • Turn anticlockwise until you feel resistance
  • Turn a little more
  • Turn back to the original position
  • Pull the handle towards you
  • Door will open
  • Don’t forget to replace the key back in the fob

You must start the car, or the alarm will sound.

Once the car is open, you can now locate the fuse to boost the frunk to open.

A plastic cover is in the footwell, on the left-hand side wall. Slide the cover off to reveal a bank of fuses. You’ll probably need light from your smartphone. One of the fuses stands out from the rest. It’s red and has copper strips on either side and a picture of an open frunk on it.

A booster pack is the best job, but only use a booster suitable for your Taycan. Connect the red jumper end to either side of the copper strips, and then connect the black jumper to the door arrestor. Turn the booster on, and the frunk will open.

The 12V is located at the back of the frunk. It is concealed with a cover that is held in place with plastic clips. Lift the cover upwards and draw it towards you.

  • The positive terminal is on the battery.
  • Remove the terminal cap.
  • Connect the positive jump cable (Red) to the positive terminal.
  • Locate the negative point (-) to the left of the battery.
  • Connect the black jumper cable to the negative point.
  • Turn on the booster.
  • Disconnect the cables in the opposite order.

If you are having difficulties with your 12V battery Porsche recommends that a qualified Porsche technician carries out the replacement of a battery. Damage of any kind can cause a Lithium Ion battery to catch fire.

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