Can You Jump Start a Mustang Mach-E? Top Tips!

Your Mustang Mach-E is flat. Never a good time for this to happen. The question is can you jumpstart your Mach-E? I’ve been a mechanic for 25+ years. Let’s look, and the do’s and don’ts of jumping your Mach-E.

The 12V battery in your Mustang Mach-E can be jumped. The high-voltage battery can’t be charged using booster cables.


In this article, we’ll look at how you can jump your 12V Mach-E battery and why you would need to.

Jumping Your Mach-E

The Mustang Mach-E has two batteries. The high-voltage battery powers your car to move, and also a 12V traditional battery powers all the auxiliary items of your car, such as the windows, locking/unlocking, and media.

There will be certain instances where your Mach-E 12V battery goes flat, and you must jump it. But how can you jump it if you can’t even get into it?

The locking/unlocking keypad won’t work if the 12V is flat; consequently, you won’t be able to open the frunk (which is where your 12V lives!) So how do we get in?

Opening the Frunk

There is a way to get into your frunk, but you will need a booster pack. Look for a square tab on your bumper, the left-hand side below the headlight.

To open the hood:

  • Press the tab firmly at the top right
  • Gently pull the tab toward you
  • Behind the tab are two connectors – Black (-) and Red (+)
  • Connect your booster
    • Red to Red and Black to Black
  • Power on your booster pack
  • The hood will jump 2-3 times
  • The hood is now open

Once the hood is open, you must remove the hard plastic cover from the top rear of your frunk. Then remove the cover from the Right Hand Side.

The covers are held in place by plastic clips. Although you must pull quite hard, ensure you pull upwards to prevent the clips from breaking. If any of the clips come loose, put them safely to one side.

Once the second cover has been removed, you can locate the 12V battery on the Right-Hand Side of the frunk.

Attach the jumper cables in the following order:

  • Connect the Red (+) to Red (+)
  • Connect the Black (-) to Black (-)
  • Your battery charger will give you a reading of the voltage in your battery if it’s a digital booster.
  • Turn on the battery pack
    • (or donor vehicle – it’s always better to use a booster pack, and not recommended to ever use another EV)

Once you have power back in your 12V, you can unlock your Mach-E and sit in. Move the transmission to P if not already selected. Switch on ‘Ready to Drive’ and start your Mach-E. Don’t turn on any lights or AC, which causes additional drain while booting. Leave your booster or donor car and your Mach-E running for 3-4 minutes.

Disconnect your cables in the reverse order:

  • Black and Black (-)
  • Red and Red (+)

Why Did Your Mach-E 12V Die?

The 12V battery powers auxiliary items. The reason your 12V is flat is usually that one of these items has been left on, such as an interior light or a radio.

It happens very easily. You’re cleaning your car; you have the radio playing. You finish up and go inside but don’t realize that the radio has flattened the battery.

Interior lights are another culprit. This is because a door or tailgate has been left slightly open if you have small children that are old enough to leave the car independently but not just enough strength to fully close the doors of your Mach-E. If a full seal is not made, then the interior light can remain on.

And it’s not just small children. Teens are sometimes an even bigger problem. Ear pods in, buried in their phones, they don’t realize that they haven’t fully closed the door. It happens, and unfortunately, we can’t have eyes everywhere.

The other common reason is an item jammed in the door or tailgate, a jacket or strap from a bag. It’s daylight when you return home, and you don’t realize the light is on until the next morning when you go to open your car and your 12V is flat.

However, it might be none of the above but a faulty battery. 12V batteries last, on average, 3-4 years. After this time, they start to become a bit soft and don’t hold their charge as well as they once did.

It might seem ok after a boost, but if you are dealing with a flat 12V, it’s time for a new battery.

Towing Your Mach-E

The last thing I’ll mention is the question of towing. This can become a reality if you can’t get your 12V to take a boost or you find yourself stranded in a place with no means of a boost.

When this occurs, the only option – call Roadside Assist; Ford offers roadside assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. This is offered within the warranty period, and thankfully a flat 12V is covered.

Roadside assist (1800-241-3673) will try to boost your battery and, failing that, will decide to tow you to a garage nearby.

Before your Mach-E can be towed anywhere, you must activate Emergency Tow (if possible). Your Mach-E needs to be towed in a specific way, preferably on a flatbed tow truck. This prevents any damage to the drivetrain.

When calling Roadside Assist or a tow company, you must inform them that your car is electric and they understand the logistics of towing an electric.

To prepare your Mach-E for towing, follow this process:

  • Onscreen select settings
  • Select Vehicle
  • Press and Hold Emergency Tow
  • Confirmation will appear
  • Press and Hold the Brake
  • Shift to (N) Neutral

This process can only be done if you can access the screen, which is impossible if your 12V is completely flat.

If this is the case, then the tow company will have to transfer your Mach-E using Dollies.

There’s never a good time to have a breakdown or a flat 12V. Portable booster packs are widely available and always worth having onboard in an emergency.

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