Ask a Mechanic

I’m a qualified mechanic, and I understand what it takes to diagnose and fix car problems. And as you are here, I know you have the main ingredient for success – a can-do attitude. toolbox

I started EVJuicedup to help folks like you succeed with basic EV problems. It isn’t possible to get knee-deep in EV repairs without specialized insulated tools and, of course, knowledge.

That said, while EVs are sophisticated, in my experience, many problems that appear significant are, in fact, minor and can be repaired easily and quickly by the operator without anything other than knowledge.

That said, some models have specific repair procedures, and while we cover many of the more common problems and models here in the blog section, we haven’t covered them all.

And so this page is dedicated to those folks that need more specific one-to-one help and advice. Or maybe you are stuck on a particular repair or diagnostic procedure; hey, we’ve all been there.

The JustAnswer mechanics are a great bunch; they have the answers, and they’ve likely seen your particular problem hundreds of times.

How does it work?

Click on the Ask a Mechanic link above, where you’ll be directed to the JustAnswer webpage with a Mechanics chat box. I earn a small commission for recommending these guys, but I’m happy to do so because these guys know their stuff, and they’ll save you money.